Tran Duc Homes bring to you our modular wooden house range with a traditional & morden style. Combining the qualities of fine timber and professional craftsmanship in producing and installing wooden houses. You now have the perfect choice with our cutting edge wooden houses, in association with our fine interiors and have time to relax in style after a working day. Our products are not only to be used as a home, but also as a den or garden retreat.

Glulam      structure is one of the new materials with the best quality and friendly      to environment, used to replace steel and concrete in construction,      ideally suitable for ASIA due to its lightweight, stable and non-corrosive      products, especially for harsh marine environment. This structure is not      only used for common residences but also for bridges, public meeting      halls, sport-centers, etc. McIntosh – Tran Duc Homes provides full package      of design and installation in Vietnam with 20 years warranty.